Go Beyond The Math

Next-generation voice data platform to collect, analyze, classify, search and understand voice data at any scale*.

A patent-pending voice data collection platform deployed across telephone and IoT devices that bridges the gap between online, form-based research and focus groups or face-to-face interviews.

Simple. Powerful.

Easy to setup and launch in minutes

Automated, accessible, and insightful

The Power Of Voice Made Accessible

Reach and engage your target audience via any telephone or IoT devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, patent-pending. Each option, whether telephone or Amazon Alexa, provides its own unique value propositions and opportunities.

Embrace the new wave of voice-based data technology and reach participants in a whole new way with Amazon Alexa or take your understanding deeper with telephone-based automated interviews that gather full audio recordings and provide deeper insight and analysis into keywords and sentiment analysis.

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